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Write a pl sql code block for implicite cursor

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Join Stack Overflow to learn, share knowledge, and build your career. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. For example, if the user put 3 in the first cursor will display just 3 employees with name and salary. It fetches from cursor S but you closed that cursor above. Changing that to fetch from cursor D will correct the error condition. The cursors S and D are the same and not open at the same time, so only one of them is necessary.
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PL/SQL Tutorial

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PL/SQL Block Cursors (Conclusion)

The cursor index points to each row and the period operator link the cursor index and the column alias in the SELECT statement for processing every row-column data for every loop spin. The prototype for defining an implicit cursor FOR loop is shown below,. There is no need for an exit statement in any of the FOR loop types as it is internally handled by the cursor index. When the cursor index reads no more rows, the loop exits automatically. Number of rows processed: Null. When this block is executed, the cursor variable returns the required value, but the variable in the INTO clause remains null. This is an inconsistent situation where the Oracle documentation has stated that an INTO clause is not allowed inside an implicit cursor FOR loop, but we are able to use one yet with no purpose.
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Nice information Oracle Weblogic Server Training. If you use an implicit cursor , Oracle will perform the open, fetches, and close for you automatically. Implicit cursors are used in statements that return only one row.
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Use of Cursor The major function of a cursor is to retrieve data, one row at a time, from a result set, unlike the SQL commands which operate on all the rows in the result set at one time. Cursors are used when the user needs to update records in a singleton fashion or in a row by row manner, in a database table. Hence the size of the cursor is limited by the size of this pre-defined area. Fetch: When the cursor is opened, rows can be fetched from the cursor one by one or in a block to perform data manipulation. Close: After data manipulation, close the cursor explicitly.