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Igcse geography tourism case study

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These geography resources cover settlements and urban land use, urban management, population and resources, coasts and coastal management, rivers and river management, weather and climate, glaciation, sustainable development, agriculture and economic activity, high-tech industry, managing ecosystems, tourism and tourism management, and geographical skills. The resources include comprehensive revision notes, glossaries, unique case studies, coursework advice and assistance, and geography tests. Tests include multiple choice, map reading role play simulations and automated essay marking. All tests come complete with security-checked certificate awards. Home Page Contact Us Login.

Case Studies

How can the growth of tourism reduce the development gap? Tunisia Case Study - Internet Geography

Tourism is defined as any activities related to travel away from the usual home for at least 1 night, but no more than 1 consecutive year , f or the purpose of leisure, recreation, holidays, visiting friends and relations, business or other professional reasons. Mass tourism: organised movement of large groups of people to tourist locations; eg. Alternative tourism or niche tourism : involves individually planned activities such as camping, fishing trips, etc. Sustainable tourism: meets the demands of the tourists whilst preotecting and enhancing the destination of travel for the future. Ecotourism a specialised form of sustainable tourism : involves responsible travel to natural areas, thereby conservinc the environment and improving the well-being of the local people. As you can see from the graph shown above, tourist numbers have grown rapidly between and , and are expexted to increase even faster.

How can the growth of tourism reduce the development gap? Tunisia Case Study

Download our comprehensive teaching resources and revision toolkit today. Use the mapping table to align with the CIE examination board. Updated and aligned to the new specification. As the exams get closer though, what lies ahead may start to overwhelm you a little. The sooner you get that out of the way the better you will feel.
The Reef is under threat as many tourist go to them. Although there are strict rules and you are only aloud to do certain activates, people still break the rules. Rivers bring toxic and metal pollutants to the reef from industrial activates.